Sunny Bayne

Certified NASM CPT
Beautiful Human

By: Sunny Bayne

Fitness isn’t just about losing weight and building muscle. Fitness is so much more than that. It is a way of life. The way to your personal and spiritual development. Through fitness I find my center time and time again. It is how I talk myself through situations. Fitness has no favorites, it doesn’t matter if you’re 300 pounds or 100 pounds it’s gonna kick your butt every time.

So what is it? What is the most important thing that I have learned from fitness?

First, I have to cover a little back story.

I am an exercise rider, or in other words, I gallop racehorses for a living. I started to workout to get fit for my job. Holding back a fit 1,200 pound animal isn’t for the weak-willed or weak-minded. Taking this story back 12 years: A horse reared up and flipped over and landed on top of me. I showed up to the hospital in style, by helicopter. I was hospitalized for eight days and pumped full of morphine. I broke my pelvic bone, tail bone, dislocated my shoulder and tore every ligament and tendon in my shoulder. I had a small head injury (my excuse for not remembering anything haha). I was in a wheelchair for a little over a month followed by crutches and rehab therapy.

In April of this year, I had a horse rear up and flip over, she landed on top of me just like the first time. Three days later I am very sore, I have a couple small bruises. No hospitalization, no wheelchair, no crutches, no pain medication. Just some sore ribs and legs. Let’s get this straight an 1,100 pound horse landed on top of my entire body and I don’t even have a scratch? Miracle, God, guardian angels, what?

It could be a miracle, it could be God, it could be a lot of things but the fact is, I have a LOT of muscle covering and protecting my bones now. I am fit.

Fitness is my savior.

The most important thing I learned from fitness:

Muscles to me are not just for looks. In the beginning of my fitness journey my muscles were to make me better at my job. Now I look at them as my protective casing. Muscles are more than just looks. Muscles are my savior. I am more than grateful. Fitness is my protection. To my body, to my mental health and to my spirit’s health.

The beautiful thing about your personal fitness journey and what it means to you is that you have the freedom to continually rewrite the definition.

Find your why, find what drives you. That is going to be your motivation. Fitness deserves to be defined in a new way.

How do you define fitness?