How To Be Humble

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In December, we’re all about being humble humans because we think that part of being better than we were yesterday is focusing on the practice of humility. Here’s the best part—when each of us is working on ourselves and getting better day by day, we’re able to come together and make this world better than we ever thought possible.

We dig that. Like, a lot.

So, if you’re up for it. Join us in being aware of how you’re showing up in the world and how you may or may not be practicing humility.

Read our full write-up about what it means to be a humble human.

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  1. Focus your ego’s intentions on bettering the world
  2. Check yourself when you notice your ego start to take the lead in a negative way
  3. Live your every day life being aware of your ego or how you might judge/perceive other humans
  4. Hold humans you love accountable to acting and leading with humility
  5. Think about what your values are and see if they tie more into ego or humility

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