HOW TO: Writing A Letter To The Editor

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A simple guide and extra resources in helping to create political change for the environment

Written as part of our I'm With Her Cause Campaign.

What is a Letter to the Editor (LTE)?

It’s a short written piece that is less than 200 words that you send to a local newspaper to be published. 


Why are LTE’s important? 

It allows citizens to share their opinions and views and depending on the volume of letters, indicates the communities’ interest level for that topic!


Keep It Simple and Follow This Outline from Citizens’ Climate Lobby

  1. Find a news article to reference. 
  2. Relate the news article to climate change. 
  3. Propose a solution. 
  4. Present a call to action.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Resources on How to Write an Effective LTE


Need ideas on what to write about?

Citizens’ Climate Lobby  has listed topics here.


Here’s how you can TAKE ACTION!


Example LTE by Sandra

This letter matters to you. Yes you. 

Breathe in. Breathe deeply and count to three. Pause. Let all the air rush out. How incredible was that? Our ability to take a deep breath is sacred and should be pure. 

At the current rate we are going, we are limiting that precious ability. The air quality now is only going to continue to get worse unless we take action. I watch my students with asthma unable to play outside at recess on poor air quality days. This happens so frequently now. As pollution continues to increase and temperatures continue to rise more and more their health will suffer. 

What we need is education and action. It is beyond time to teach our children how to take care of Mother Earth to ensure a healthy future for them. And an even more critical time to educate the adults that are creating the future world for their children. 

Mother Earth wants to take a deep breath too. 


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Information Adapted From: Citizens’ Climate Lobby