Humankind Workshop

A Virtual Workshop For Reflection & Goal Setting
Saturday, February 6th 9:00 - 1:00 PST | 12:00 - 4:00 EST
$125  $89 Early Bird Pricing

It's the start of something new and we wanna know -- what kind of human are you? Are you feeling a little off balance? Have your habits been a little off? Do you need a new direction? Community? Support?

We've taken all that we know about personal growth and will be holding a 4-hour workshop to help you discover what's missing, what matters the most, and how to set goals around them.

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Reflect on 2020

A look back at where you’ve been and how you’ve showed up this past year, so you can see where to go next.

Define Your Values

What they are, and how to effectively go through the worksheets to determine your current Core Values.

Balance Your Life

A guided session with worksheet to uncover the areas of your life that could use some balance.

Set Goals

Work with us to set your new goals for 2021 and get ready to become the next version of you.

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*Times listed in PST*

8:50 AM - Zoom Meeting will open
9:00 AM - Welcome & Introductions
9:20 AM - Reflecting on 2020
[-- 5 minute break --]
9:50 AM - Brief Intro into Core Values work
10:00 AM - Breakout: Finding Your Core Values
10:45 AM - Full Group Recap
[-- 5 minute break --]
11:00 AM - Brief Intro into The Wheel of Balance
11:15 AM - Breakout: Completing the Wheel of Balance
12:15 PM - Full Group Recap
[-- 5 minute break --]
12:30 PM - Using the Wheel of Balance to Set Achievable Goals
12:55 PM - Next Steps

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$125 $89 Early Bird Pricing
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