Humankind is a 12-week program designed to help you become the best you yet. Rooted in health and driven by purpose, Humankind aims to connect like-minded humans from across the globe and give them the tools they need to succeed. You’ll be given guidance and taught leadership skills to grow as a human through unlearning unhealthy habits, changing our mindset, owning our stories, and acting with kindness. Are you ready to start the next chapter of your life?


Your coach

Bree Pear

Nerd, creative perfectionist, wannabe minimalist, go-getter, aries. Human.


Each week you’ll be given access to new content on the website through your exclusive online membership. You’ll be connected to a private Facebook group which includes all past Humankind members to offer encouragement, support, and inspiration. Bree hosts weekly Facebook live talks that are centered on the topic of the week and opens the floor to anyone who may have questions or need guidance.

Ch 1: Habits

Disrupting our bad habits can be harder than we expect. In weeks 1-3 we’ll learn why we form habits and how we can begin to change them.

Ch 2: Mentality

In order to master your mind, you have to change your thoughts. Over weeks 4-6, we’ll be diving into how your mindset can impact your entire life.

Ch 3: Vulnerability

In weeks 7-9 we’ll move into our heart space and lean how living your authentic life can free you from your fears.

Ch 4: Kindness

At some point we all forgot the golden rule, so in our final three weeks we’re going to take a step back and rethink what it means to be kind.

Applications Closed

The next generation will begin in July!

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  • Everything from self-guided plus:
  • Free Food advice eBook ($39 value)
  • Personalized check-in with with coach every 3 weeks

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