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Humankind is a 12-week program designed to help you become the best you yet. You'll receive access to a private community for previous and current participants, be given workouts and weekly challenges, and gain access to exclusive content that includes a recipe database, workout tutorials, life coaching tools, and weekly videos.

The two halves


Through your 12 weeks you’ll have access to exclusive content including daily workouts, a recipe database, workout tutorial videos, and weekly challenges to help you become the healthiest you yet.


We believe that the foundation to success is understanding why we do the things we do and how we can move through life speaking our truth, owning our story, and setting boundaries. While exploring the mind we’ll focus on our daily habit routines and vulnerability.

Gain Access To


During the 12-week program you'll get 4 different sets of workouts from a certified personal trainer along with weekly workout challenges and more.

coaching tools

We've linked up with Her Soul Story to provide you with life coaching tools to help establish your values and understand your strengths.


We've put together short video clips that show you how to use some of the equipment in the gym that can be intimidating. This database of tutorials will be updated as the program grows.

Recipe database

Feelin' a little lost in the kitchen? We've built a database of healthy recipes so you can switch up your diet and heal from the inside out.

Life Coaching Tools

Define Your Values

The foundation to vulnerability is knowing what’s most important to us so we can better recognize when something (or someone) may no longer serve us. As part of Humankind you’ll be given tools to help define your values.

Rewrite Your Story

Take the dreams you’ve always had for yourself and then go even bigger. What’s better? Believing in your ability to make your dreams real. Through your Humankind journey you’ll be asked to rethink what your story and come up with a new plot.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries means you value yourself, your time, and your wellbeing. Boundaries help you hold space for what matters most to you so you can be your authentic self without giving your power away. Ready to dig in?


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If you're not ready to commit to the full program, check out eBooks that help you clean up your diet and switch up your gym routines. If you join the coach-guided route of Humankind, you get ALL of these included!