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Humankind is a 12-week program designed to help you become the best you yet. Rooted in health and driven by purpose, Humankind aims to connect like-minded humans from across the globe and give them the tools they need to succeed. You’ll receive guidance and taught leadership skills to grow as a human by unlearning bad habits, changing your mindset, owning your story, and acting with kindness.
Are you ready to start the next chapter of your life?

Your guide

Bree Pear

Nerd, creative perfectionist, wannabe minimalist, go-getter, aries. Human.

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Each week you’ll gain access to new content on the website through your exclusive online membership. You’ll also be connected to a private Facebook group which includes all past Humankind members to offer encouragement, support, and inspiration. Bree hosts weekly Facebook live talks that are focused on various topics related to the Humankind program and opens the floor to anyone who may have questions or need guidance.

Ch 1: Habits

Disrupting our bad habits can be harder than we expect. In weeks 1-3 we’ll learn why we form habits and how we can begin to change them.

Ch 2: Mentality

In order to master your mind, you have to change your thoughts. Over weeks 4-6, we’ll be diving into how your mindset can impact your entire life.

Ch 3: Vulnerability

In weeks 7-9 we’ll move into our heart space and lean how living your authentic life can free you from your fears.

Ch 4: Kindness

At some point we all forgot the golden rule, so in our final three weeks we’re going to take a step back and rethink what it means to be kind.

Gen VI Applications Open 11/5

Our next generation of Humankind will begin taking applications on 11/6, to get exclusive early access put in your name and email below!

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one-time payment
  • Weekly content sent each Monday
  • New workouts every 3 weeks
  • Access to recipe database
  • Database of workout tutorial videos
  • Private Facebook group for support
  • Weekly Facebook live video from Bree

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What the humans are saying

  • Only human provided me with a chance to physically and mentally push myself beyond my wondering negative thoughts. This program gave me a chance to recreate and appreciate myself and move on from past pain.

    – Sara J.

  • Through Humankind I was able to learn tools to continue healthier eating habits, but also focus more on fitness and my mental/emotional health, which has led to a major shift in my lifestyle. People ask me what I have been doing as they see how I have changed and have a fresh perspective on life!

    – Melanie L.

  • – Ana-Maria G.

  • I feel like I’m being given all the right tools and all the right times to push me to be the best me that I knew had to exist somewhere down inside of me, I just never knew how to find her. So THANK YOU!

    – Allison Engelbert


We give away a spot (or two) in every generation

We’ll be giving away one-ish sponsored spot(s) with every new generation. We truly believe in giving back, and we understand that sometimes you can’t afford the help you want. Please nominate someone who deserves this.

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certified workouts

During the 12-week program you’ll get 4 different sets of workouts from a certified personal trainer named Tracee Byrd. As a bonus, Tracee will post workout challenges randomly and will do a check-in with all coach-guided individuals every 3 weeks to make sure you’re hitting your goals!

Recipe database

We collaborate with Devin Bowes of Nutrication Wellness right here in sunny Phoenix, AZ to provide you with a database of healthy recipes that will keep your diet on the right track and liven up your choices.

Not ready to fully commit?

If you’re not ready to commit to the full program, check out Bree’s eBook on food guidance and help with calculating your macros. If you join the coach-guided route of Humankind, you get this eBook for free!

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