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Humankind is a 12-week journey built to help you become a better human. Are you ready for it? I’ve partnered with some really amazing humans who will guide us as we explore our bodies and our minds. Wanna know what to expect? Read on, human!

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If you want to make the most of the next 12 weeks, you’ll need to know what you’re working with first. Take a few minutes to watch this overview video and familiarize yourself with what you’ll have access to during Humankind.

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Our private Facebook group is full of inspiration, videos, and a whole buncha humans who will cheer you on and hold you accountable over the next 12 weeks. Get in there, human.

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Humankind Values

Every intention, every word, every tool within Humankind was guided by our three core values. We hope Humankind inspires you, connects you, and enables you to experiment with your journey to a better you.


Our program is broken into two parts that apply to every human on this planet: Mind and Body. In Mind, we’ll talk about vulnerability and habits. In Body, you’ll have access to workouts and a recipe database. Where will you start?

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Wondering what else you might want to get as you prep for the journey? Here are a few of our fave items. You don’t HAVE to buy these to be successful in Humankind, but they might help ya out along the way.

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We recognize that our success hasn't happened at the hand of one human, but many. This organization, community, and program is built from the contribution of each human who engages with it. We listen. We collaborate. We grow. We do better. Meet some of the incredible humans behind Humankind.

Bree Pear

Curator + Guide

Tracee Byrd

Personal Trainer

Tayne Griffin

Life Coach

Crissy Saint-Massey

Psychology + User Experience

Devin Bowes


Bre Prince

Physical Therapist