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It wasn’t that I looked in the mirror and hated the person I was, I just had seen that same person for so long I stopped wondering if there was more to that reflection. I stopped seeking more. I got too comfortable in my routine and disrupting it meant I’d have to work hard. I thought I might fail if it was hard and it would bruise to my ego to have others know that I failed. If I stayed inside this box with pillow walls the outside world couldn’t tell me all the things I was so scared to hear:

“You’ll never be enough”
“You’ll never look like that”
“You’ll never work that hard”

The problem with this situation is that those words I was terrified for the world to tell me, I was already telling myself on repeat in my own mind. So I had to make a decision to reword my thoughts.

“You’re always enough”
“If you stay consistent you will meet your goals”
“If you choose the harder road now, it’ll connect to a highway that feels easier to navigate”

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Taking the road less traveled rarely is—that’s why people stray from it. But changing the ways I moved my body and choosing more carefully what I put into it, was the very foundation I built my highway on. The work that seemed hard them seems natural now. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t take grit to get here. You have to learn new things, tune into your body, and tune out the negative thoughts.

In this section you’ll find tools to help you move in new ways and explore what a healthier diet looks like. But these tools will not work unless you do.

Put in the work.

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