I’ve partnered with Tracee Byrd to pass along her wisdom over the last 7 years and 6,000+ trained sessions. Before you get started we highly recommend you take the time to read our Humankind Workout Guide where Tracee shares valuable information on your road to success

Humankind Workout Guide

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The human behind the workouts

Hey, humans! I’m Tracee, a Southern girl from Mississippi living a minimalist van-life on the West Coast with my pooch (p.s. – if you just sang out the letters of my home state in your head, you’re awesome). I believe in balance, in being gentle with yourself, and in doing what lights you up. I’ll be here for you as a guide and source of support as we journey through Humankind together. I’m already high-fiving your future self and can’t wait to watch you become a better human that, no doubt, will contribute to the world in ways I can’t imagine. I’m ready if you are.

The nitty-gritty:
M.S. in Kinesiology
B.S. in Exercise Science
Professor of Exercise Science
Former 3 sport Division I college athlete
10yrs college/club volleyball coaching experience
> 7yrs as a personal trainer
> 6,000 one on one sessions trained
SWIHA Life Coach trained