Home Workouts

You will have to get resistance bands with handles for these workouts, but let me assure you that it is well worth your money. Here’s where you can get them! Look through all of the workouts before you start. I have put links on almost all of the movements so there isn’t confusion about how to do the workouts. I can’t stress enough how important stretching is before each workout. This will improve your mobility and decrease soreness. Anything active so fast pace walking, light jog, playing basketball, squats, lunges, etc. Make sure you dedicate 10-15 min to warm up before eery workout. Stretching will also decrease risky of injury! Protect that body! With every workout treat it like it’s your last one. Work hard and push as hard as you can, and never half ass it.

Anything you don’t know how do to can be easily googled or youtubed!