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Have you ever wished there was an off switch to your thoughts? I’ve spent far too long stuck in OCD loops becoming obsessed with a thought. I would obsess so heavily with a thought, that I would then judge myself for how much I was overthinking. This led to years of anxiety and behavioral issues that lived in my mind but manifested physically. I no longer felt I had control over my mind, and when the next obsessive thought entered, I remember feeling devastated because it meant that until I fulfilled that thoughts need it would have the power over my life.

I would pick the thoughts apart, and in the end, I would be left feeling broken. What I realized years later, was that picking thoughts apart was actually picking myself apart and each time I would be left with all of these pieces that never fit as snugly together as they once had.

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Keep doing the same things over and over and you’ll get the same results. Want change? You gotta mix it up. We’ll talk about understanding our habits, how to identify our current patterns, and how to build new ones.

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Welcome to the world. It’s beautiful, broken, and brilliant. You are born of it. Play in its’ shadows and be the light when the darkness gets to be too much. Be every single thing you were meant to be. If you’re here, be here. Be you, bravely.

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