It’s never like the movies. There won’t be some perfect monumental moment that changes all our negative habits overnight. But (there’s always a but) you do have to make a conscious choice. You have to choose to put in the effort and recognize when something no longer serves your longterm goals. Then, you have to wake up each morning and put in that same effort—even in the face of hardship and struggle. You have to choose for yourself, your future, and how you want to live. Habits don’t form overnight. The literal definition of the word is an “acquired behavior pattern”, and to acquire anything worth having in this world, it takes time.

The success I’ve found in life started with two very simple habits:

  1. How much I moved my body 
  2. What I was consuming

In Habits, we’ll explore what habits are, how to identify them, and how to disrupt them. You ready?

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1. Understanding habits

Habits can range from how you back out of your driveway each day, to the science behind why you want to pick up that donut as you walk by. I’ll be talking about all the elements that make up a habit, and why they hold so much power over our brain.


2. Identifying Habits

There are certain things we do each day that we don’t think twice about. I’ll encourage you to delve deep into the reasons why you’re doing the things you are, and help you identify the habit loops you’re in that could be holding you back from getting what you want.

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3. Disrupting Habits

Over time, things become a part of our lifestyle because we internalize them, and it becomes effortless for us to repeat the task. Now let’s talk about disrupting habits so we can build and maintain healthy habits. These new habits can become like any other routine in your life, and after awhile they become essential to your day.


Connect with your humans

There’s not a single human on this planet that doesn’t have habits. As you’re learning about your habits and how to change the cycle, hop over to our Facebook Group and share about it all.

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Drink more water

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to drink more water but after one day you gave up? One of the best tools I invested in when I wanted to start drinking more water was a HydroFlask. It keeps my water colder longer (and in AZ let me tell you, that matters) and it also has a straw lid (sold separately) which I know helps me drink even more. I created a habit of taking it every place my phone went. Before I knew it, I couldn’t live without it. Still can’t.

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