Understanding Habits

What is a habit?

When we do something so frequently, it becomes automatic…it becomes habitual. BUT, if we didn’t have habits, we literally couldn’t function. Habits are what tell us exactly how to get home from the grocery store (even if we can’t remember if that light was actually green), put on our shoes, and even the reason we react in similar ways to things like fear, change, and stress. Our brain offsets tasks so that it’s free to innovate and make you a more productive member of the human race so that, together, we can create a positive environment.

"The problem with habits is that the good ones are hard to get and the bad ones are hard to break."
Bree Pear


If you’re one of those “all or nothing” types and try to change a million of your small habits, I’m 100% sure you’ll fail. It’s pretty much impossible. What you can do, is focus on changing your Keystone Habits.

Keystone habits (As defined by Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habit) are habits that create a chain reaction; changing and rearranging your other habits as you integrate the new (keystone) habit into your life. According to Duhigg, “[k]eystone habits influence how we work, eat, play, live, spend, and communicate”, and they start a process that, over time, transforms everything.”

3 Characteristics of Keystone Habits

1. They create many small wins

For my small wins I started to see food as my fuel for the gym. By logging what I ate I told myself that the fuel I was eating would be what my body needed to kick ass during my next workout. By having a routine of a pre-workout snack like a banana, 15mins of stairmaster, and 15 mins of stretching, I created small wins that make the big win of working out (which impacts all aspect of my life) feel even better. If we can create habits that create small wins towards a bigger habit, we can teach our brains to get there on autopilot.

2. They are platforms

This means that by creating a keystone habit (the gym), it will become a platform for other good habits to happen (eating right, treating your body right, improved productivity etc)

3. The gift that keeps on giving

That’s right. You will truly know you’ve made a keystone habit when others around you also start to mirror them. When I started going to the gym a lot of my friends acknowledged it, but once summer hit and I was sporting a new two piece, they noticed that the change I made paid off. Turns out they wanted to go to the gym now too. Keystone habits will also be felt even after you’ve gone through the routine.

By focusing on Keystone Habits you can change habits that impact many areas of your life. The keystone habits we form, like watching Netflix instead of going to the gym or going with the same brands as everyone else at the store without investigating ourselves, are gateways to a whole lotta other stuff that then becomes a way of life.

You don’t have to change dozens of habits to get to your goals. You only have to change a few keystone habits that will have a ripple effect on your outcomes.

Are you ready to identify your habits? ?

I’m ready

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