Being vulnerable and open with the humans around you can be extremely challenging, and make you feel like your current struggles are the only things that exist. Once you break down your walls and begin to understand your truth, you can be confident enough to open the door and walk through it as your authentic self. 

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1. Define your values

Congratulations on making yourself a priority, everyone in your life will reap the rewards of your hard work. As we take the massive step towards improving our lives, it is absolutely necessary to start from the truest foundation of who we are.

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2. Rewrite your story

Wanna get real vulnerable? Take the dreams you’ve always had for yourself and then go even bigger. What’s better? Believing in your ability to make your dreams real. It all starts with rewriting your story.

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3. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries means you value yourself, your time, and your wellbeing. Boundaries help you hold space for what matters most to you so you can be your authentic self without giving your power away. Ready to dig in?

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Vulnerable Confessions

If you haven’t been following along on the @onlyhuman Insta, here is a collection of vulnerable confession posts @breepear has done.


The best part about being vulnerable in Humankind is that there’s a whole group of humans who will you support you opening up and being the real you. Don’t forget about them!

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