Rewrite your story


Close your eyes. Relax your shoulders. Release your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Relax your forehead. Take a deep inhale. Deep as you can go. Hold it. Now release it all at once out of your mouth (grunts sighs and sounds are welcome. Imagine it's 12 weeks from now and you've not only completed Humankind, but you excelled in ways you never dreamed possible. A new day is upon you. Literally. As you crack your eyes open you're met with the morning sunlight. Where are you? What are you wearing? What are you about to do? Who are you spending time with? What are you doing for work? How do you feel?

In our exercise in rewriting our story, I want you to imagine what a perfect day in the life of your best self would look like. No detail too small. No dream too big. The only thing you could do "wrong" here is to not take this seriously. Did you know that Michael Phelps—you know, that guy with TWENTY-THREE 🥇 gold metals—attests part of his success to visualization?

"You can't put limits on anything, the more you dream the further you will get"
Michael Phelps

So, what's your story?

The number one thing we find, after someone in Humankind does this exercise and starts to see the results, is they always wish they had dreamt bigger. Have fun with this. There are no limits to what this day can look like. Dream big. Go all in. This is meant to be a living document. Update it, add to it, read it out loud every 👏🏼 single 👏🏽 day 👏🏿. And most importantly, have fun!

Ready to set some boundaries? 👇

Show Me How


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