Define Your Values

What are values?

Values are a collection of experiences that have influenced your belief system. They include times in your past when you’ve felt like a super hero and others where maybe you felt like the villain. Values extend past you to your family, friends, and sometimes even the regulars you chat with at your frequently-visited coffee shop. The things you read and consume each day shape what you see when you look in the mirror, and change the way you show up to people in the real world.

When we connect to our truest, core values it feels like "coming home". A home where peace, love and possibility have been waiting for our return.

Tayne Griffin

So in order to define our core values, we have to understand that they are the concrete and steel beams of our existence. If we are building with untrue values, or values we think we “should” have, all of our personal growth and development is for not. The building will crumble and the work you’ve done will disintegrate.

In order to build a skyscraper that can withstand the test of time, we have to start at the foundation. The foundation to vulnerability is knowing what’s most important to us so we can better recognize when something (or someone) may no longer serve us.

Download the word bank to get started

Coming up with a list of words that define you right off the top of your head can be difficult, so to make it easier on you we created a Word Bank to help you out! Download this PDF and read through each word. Making sure to read through our tips below on how to identify your values, choose the top 10 words that stand out to you and write them down. Next, narrow your list down to your top five. Our ultimate goal is to narrow our list to our top three core values.

Download Word Bank

Tips for Identifying your Values

If you read a word out loud and it feels like a “should”, it's not a value.

I should value Perfection if I want to succeed.

If you read a word out loud and it feels like a “need”, it's not a value.

I need to value Influence in order to be a good leader.

If you can remember loving this word as a child, it’s probably a value.

When I was a kid I remember loving the excitement of making a new collage to put on my wall. As an adult, one of my core values is Design.

If you say this word out loud and smile, or you feel lit up, it’s probably a value.

Every time I start talking about my next backpacking adventure into the unknown I feel like a kid the night before going to Disney. One of my core values is The Unknown.

Tell us your values

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If you also want to share what your top three values are with your humans in the Humankind Facebook Group, that’d be awesome. C’mon now, don’t be a stranger!

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