I Found Myself

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My story is complicated, yet simple! I’m part of the typical “retired athlete” slump. I spent my life playing the sport I love, hockey, I played and trained to make it onto a university team. I was playing good hockey, with talented players. Things happened, I got mono, tore tendons, messed my hand up, and even halted my career because of concussions. After being told I couldn’t play my sport anymore I focused on school but soon found my self in a slump not knowing who I was. I was triggered to hate going to the gym and working out as for once, was able to not be obligated to go. I found myself sad and wanting to be on the ice so bad with my teammates. I guess you can say I got depressed and lost who I was in this world. The identity I knew faded. I was no longer that “fit” athlete. Instead, I gained weight and found myself not knowing how to properly spend my time.

Now, fast forward a couple of years, I am myself finding out who I am. I spend my time now hiking, kayaking, being active in other ways. I find myself focused on my career and spending time being active in the things I love. I miss the sport, but I found myself.

Story submitted by Haley. 

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