I Hope You Find A Love

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Find You A Love

Dear you, I hope you find the love of your life this year.

Ya know, that one that wakes you up with kindness and warmth, tells you all the most beautiful things about your naked soul that you wouldn’t dare let anyone see in the past.

I hope that you find a love that is welcoming and gentle, hands that touch your heart and mind deeper than any other has before and a voice that speaks so softly to your needs that you fall into every inch of believing it’s possible to feel that wanted.

I hope you find a love that listens to your wants, desires and passions. The kind that safely harbors your fears and sheds light out into the open waters that you are never alone in your journey to reach them.

I hope you find a love that wants to grows with you like the wild flowers you tend to so dedicatedly each day in your home. That you water with care in hopes that they will flourish and thrive.

I hope that you find a love that shelter and protects you from hate and negativity that intends to harm your spirit and dim your light. I hope you find the protection of love and it’s healing capabilities when you are doubtful of yourself and your abilities.

And most of all, I hope you don’t find this type of love from anyone before you have learned to love yourself like this first. I hope you find this love that is already inside you and trust that if you choose to love yourself so fiercely as you wish someone else would, you will attract that type of love to meet you where you are. I hope you fall so madly in love with yourself. Because when you love yourself as madly as this first, you will not settle for letting anyone else loving you less.

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