I Will Come Out As Many Times As It Takes

Name: Krystian Mitryk
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: krystian_gabrielle

The first time I came out I was in high school.

I was told it was a phase.
I had my privileges revoked.

After I realized I wasn’t accepted for who I was, I didn’t bring it up again.
I continued to do me, but in secret.
In shame.

I came out again in college.

I came out again again in my adult life.
I came out again when we were ttc w/Grey.
I came out again when I was delivering Grey.
I came out again when we took Grey to the first doctors appointment.
I came out again when I started a new job.
I came out again when we enrolled Grey in school.
I came out again when I was in labor with Hayes.

I continuously come out new people that I meet.

There was a time my life when I wouldn’t correct people who assumed I was straight, assumed I had a husband at home.

But now, I correct them.
I start the narrative with, “oh yes, and my wife…”

I would always feel shame or guilt when I didn’t correct people.
But now I do.

For myself.
For my children.
For my family.
For this community.
For those who cannot just yet in their journey.

I will come out as many times as I need to help normalize my family 🏳️‍🌈

Can you relate?

📷: @polkadotsphotographyfl

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