Why You Should Be Insecure

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We live in a world riddled with insecurity.

Every other person I meet is going through some kind of identity crisis while trying to find their place in the world.

Can you really blame them?

We’re constantly plugged into someone else’s life. In this social-media driven world it’s so easy to find others we aspire to be and try to direct our lives to match up.

We stack ourselves against their success and constantly hold ourselves to impossible standards. We automatically assume that the bar is set too high and therefore we never attempt to jump for it for fear of looking stupid.

Well guess what? It’s not your bar.

When you hold yourself to someone else’s standards and only see how high their bar is in comparison to our own, it’s impossible to win.

Next time you’re feeling insecure I’m going to need you to repeat something ten times:

Everyone is insecure.
Everyone is insecure.
Everyone is insecure.
Everyone is insecure.
Everyone is insecure.
Everyone is insecure.
Everyone is insecure.
Everyone is insecure.
Everyone is insecure.
Everyone is insecure.

“The reason insecurity paralyzes you isn’t actually the insecurity itself. It’s the injustice in it.”Umair Haque

We tend to think we’re the only ones feeling insecure, and the people we’re aspiring to be like aren’t. Well, let me tell you, the most successful people I’ve met have far more insecurities than anyone else.

Your insecurity is built on a foundation of wanting the wrong things. You’re literally chasing down the very things making you insecure.

Someone else’s body
Another house
More money

The American Dream

But these never made anymore feel more secure. No matter how you look, what you own, or the success you find in life you will always have insecurities. It’s time you own them.

Embrace insecurity as a part of your life.
Insecurity is your ally.
It’s a tool for constant growth.

Insecurity makes you strive to be better, it means you don’t hold yourself above other people, it helps us understand that none of us are perfect, and helps you relate to all the other imperfect humans around you. You still love them for it, so start loving yourself for it.

So next time someone asks you to tell them something you love about yourself, you should tell them that you’re insecure.

Never stop improving.

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