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Name: Kaylee Wagner
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: Kayleethekidd

What do the words "only human" mean to you?

Only human means tolerance. Only human means acceptance. Only human means just that… that we are only human. You’re going to make mistakes and fail. Your actions are probably going to cause you to become somebody’s best friend and another person’s enemy. Learn from your mistakes, and capitalize on the good.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about traveling, the pursuit of happiness/being my best self, and my career.

What makes you the happiest?

I am a pretty happy person, mostly driven by the wonderful people that I surround myself with. I have an amazing fiancé and a solid group of individuals that I’m blessed to call family/friends.

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

My best “new habit” is consistently working out more than I was and drinking less. I feel a lot better throughout the week.

How do you keep yourself positively inspired during overwhelming times?

I’m a firm believer in giving your problems up to God and using your happy-hobbies as a band-aide (mine are: music, movies, friends, cuddling, and working out).

If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be? Why?

I would like to spend the day in Bruno Mars’s shoes, just because he has fun shoes and is swanky cool. 😎

What book (or books) have greatly influenced your life?

I’m not a big reader, so I guess I’d have to say my physical therapy text books because they got me to a career that I enjoy.

What’s your favorite quote?

Hakuna Matata

What is your most-used emoji?


What would be your advice to a human who just graduated from high school and was about to enter the "real world"?

hustle hard and stay humble

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