International Transgender Day of Visibility

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International Transgender Day of Visibility

We see you. We honor you. We are so happy you're living your truth.

March 31st - International Transgender Day of Visibility. A day to celebrate transgender and non-binary humans around the world, but here at Only Human, we honor you today and everyday. Your courage to live openly and authentically, to be true to yourself and stand for what’s right for you. 

Today we celebrate with humans around the world to raise awareness of the injustices trans humans face. We also celebrate the accomplishments of humans in the trans community and recognize that so many more trans humans are doing amazing things!


Some Trans (and general) Issues To Educate Yourself On


Inaccessible Mental Healthcare

Uneducated Medical Professionals

Difficulty accessing legal documents with correct name/gender

Violence against trans people


Some Amazing Trans Humans

Sarah McBride - Delaware State Senator & Activist

Taylor Small - Vermont Legislatures & Activist

Abby Stein - Jewish Rabbi, Activist, & Author

Aydian Dowling - Activist & Entrepreneur 

Trystan Reese - Activist & Leader for Family Equality


GLSEN Resources

Gender Terminology Guide.pdf

Gender Terminology Visual.png

GLSEN Pronouns Resource.pdf

Know Your Rights.pdf

Authenticity and the Right to Tell Trans Narratives.pdf


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