Just Be You

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For most of my life I was in the closet about being transgender, and not even because of fear but rather just trying to please others. When I came out a year ago a weight was lifted off my chest. I’ve realized that you have to make yourself a priority and that is something I struggle with as I absolutely love helping others. Anytime I’m unsure of how to handle a situation or just not sure of what my next steps should be I have a friend that constantly asks me “who is the most important person?” The answer is me! In our own lives and journeys we need to live in a way that is satisfying for ourselves. It was extremely hard for me to accept this wisdom as I’m at a crossroads where my happiness is in complete conflict with making my mother happy. My mom gave me everything to make me the individual I am today, but she is against me beginning my transition.

Starting my transition is something that I absolutely desire as I want my physical appearance to align with how I already mentally identify. I am not going to lie it took me a year after coming out to finally speak with a doctor about hormone replacement therapy because I was putting others happiness over mine. Since starting hrt I feel absolutely amazing and with the happiness I have in my life it just gives me more to give back out to others. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for others happiness! We have one life to live and happiness is the end goal.


Story submitted by Eli.