Kaitlyn Hubert Talks “Home”

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Meet Kaitlyn Hubert 

In the month of April, we’re coming together to put “We Over Me” in an effort to help end global homelessness. We know we won’t end it overnight and we know we wouldn’t have half the impact we would have were we to go it alone, so we’ve partnered with the Institute of Global Homelessness and a handful of amazing humans who are helping us make an impact around the world.

With that said, meet Kaitlyn Hubert (@kaitlyn_hubert): mom, good human, owner of @tomboyhaircare, and all-around badass based in Louisville, KY. Not only are we stoked to have her take over our IG Story later this month and talk about what home means to her, but she’s also putting on a day of “Haircuts For Homeless” in her local community. She’s pretty much amazing.

Get To Know The Human…

What does “home” mean to you?  To me, home is somewhere were you are surrounded by people you love. Not necessarily a physical place, but a feeling.

What is your experience with homelessness? Have you ever been homeless or known humans who are or have been? I actually spent 9 months in a homeless shelter myself. I am a recovering drug addict with 4 years clean. I was homeless for a while until I decided to get help and seek treatment. I lived at The Healing Place in Louisville, KY. Since then, I’ve volunteered at The Healing Place and collected donations for the shelter. 

What’s your story? I am a 27-year old mom of two (5 and 6) and I am a hairdresser. I live in Louisville, KY. I grew up in a middle class family and went to all-girls Catholic school. I got pregnant very young and struggled with drug addiction for a long time. On January 1, 2014 I checked into a homeless shelter/treatment facility and got clean! Since then I have really been trying to spread hope to others. I am currently dating a guy named Michael 🙂 we have been together for about 6 months. My daily life consists of being a hairdresser, a mom, and I also hit up barre classes when I can. Something I’m really excited about is that I am in the process of manufacturing my own line of hair products. Can’t wait for the release!

Why’d you become a hairdresser? I have always loved hair and everything about it. I love changing people’s appearance and making them smile. I worked in a salon from the time I was in high school to presently. 

How are you able to help humanity through what you do? Making humans feel good about themselves is the best. I absolutely love it when I turn someone around and they see themselves in the mirror and cry because they finally feel “pretty.”

What does “Only Human” mean to you? Only human, to me, means that we are all the same. We aren’t different races, sexual orientations, genders, etc. we are just human, simple as that. And we are all here to lift each other up and support one another. 

What are 3 completely random facts about you? I have 2 fur babies, I used to be a barre instructor, and I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER

What’s a song that is the soundtrack to your life? “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga

What can we do in our everyday lives to show kindness to the homeless community? It’s the simple things, like donating clothing, bedding, and other necessities a homeless human goes without on a regular basis. SMILE, give them a word of encouragement…treat them like they’re human…because they are! 

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