Keeping It Real

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Real Life Stories

This is real life. This is the unfiltered, raw, real human who is on the other side of a profile on a screen. I go about perfectly normal days and get struck down with sadness just the same way that other people do. It’s easy to get caught up in the polished pictures these days when everyone has become a photographer and there is less and less real talk on these platforms.

I broke the other night. Tears, snot, dark thoughts.

None of it was “insta-worthy”. But then I realized that we have such a messed up view of what life should look like that we forget that it’s ok to feel deeply and struggle your way through it. That’s literally the point of being human. It’s fucking up and learning what you never want to feel like again. In order to know what we don’t like, we gotta go through it, we gotta feel it for ourselves. You gotta know what being burned feels like to know that the stove isn’t a place for your hand.

It’s not living in fear of what the next wall may feel like against your face. It’s not living in an impending doom. It’s trusting that even through the hardest days, you’re still here. Right here in this moment and that’s enough. Just being is enough.

So here is my reminder to you (and myself) that sometimes it’s not about solving all your problems. Sometimes it’s just about being in it and allowing yourself to feel the burn so that you learn what it’s like to mend a wound and be left with a lesson.

🙋🏼‍♀️ @breepear