July 2019 Advocates: ICAN

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Hey Advocates!

In case ya didn’t catch in the Advocate Facebook Group, in July we’re focused on making the world a kinder place with our “Kind Is Cool” launch.

In July, 10% of all profits go to ICAN. ICAN is a nonprofit offering FREE programs for Title 1 youth and children. They have goals to scale nationally and we want to help because we believe the future will be kind if we take the time to mentor our children (especially those at-risk). Over the summer, we had the opportunity to tour ICAN and it is incredible what they are doing to inspire growth in children who may not come from the best homes or have the best economic support. Toward the end of July, we’ll also be holding a workshop with their teen group and couldn’t be more excited.

  1. Share the Kindness Dares below throughout the month on your social channels
  2. Submit your stories about kindness to our site so we can inspire the world
  3. Buy OH Gear you’ve been eyeing and know a portion of your purchase goes to a good cause
  4. Make it a primary focus of yours to practice kindness in your daily life
  5. Be kind to yourself, we need you!

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