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What would you say about someone after they are dead?
A loved one just died. What would you post about them? What picture would you put with it?

This is when the room gets quiet. This is when some people think— how could you say that? That’s a bit morbid.

In our society we pretend like death is never going to come knocking at our door. We go day in and day out with our eyes closed. Running into stuff, tripping, falling on our face, and all because we won’t open our damn eyes to see what we are about to smash in to. We pretend like the inevitable isn’t going to happen. We think we have time and we don’t.

My question is why?

Why not write that person a letter and tell them exactly what you think about them— Now. While we are alive and healthy.

Why does it take something really bad happening for people to take action?

Awareness doesn’t smack you in the face, the universe does. Then you either learn and become more aware or you become bitter.

It’s your choice.

Life is a series of choices. That’s it. Don’t over analyze it. When the universe gives you warnings to pay attention and you don’t it says “Okay, I see you.” Low and behold, tragedy strikes. Then everybody standing around the remains seems surprised that everything went awry.

The truth is, we are all going to die. That’s a beautiful thing. Being aware that you are going to die and go back into the earth is peaceful because then you have power over death, rather than death overpowering you. Letting a loved one go and being grateful for their existence is the only way to continue on your journey in living a prosperous life. Besides, someone that passes away doesn’t want you crying or being depressed over them for the rest of your living life. That’s actually a slap in the face to the ones that have passed away. You wouldn’t want your loved ones to do that over you so why do that over them? It’s offensive.

I have turned the page to a new chapter in my journey. I am reaching out to people and writing them letters, as if they are going to die or are already dead. Or I imagine that I’m going to die in three months. I have only written one letter at this point. It might take me years to get through the people that I want to write because it takes a lot of energy to write these letters, but I will do this for every person that I hold dear.

Just sitting and contemplating this way of life has released something inside of me. It has made me feel more alive.

To me, this is not morbid. This is facing the inevitable. I want people to know how I feel about them, how they have impacted me and I want them to know their significance.

Death is the ending of something, but also the beginning of something new. When you see your life as this— you will be free.

If you decide to write your letters tag me on social and hashtag #OHLetters so I can see it!

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