What will 2018 hold for you?

Energy flows where intention goes.

You’ve done it, human. You’ve survived another year on your journey, and that’s one hell of an accomplishment. You should be damn proud…but you know your adventure has only just begun right? In 2018, we’ll be stretching our capabilities beyond the realm of this world and into new dimensions. We’ll come together to manifest huge strides forward for humankind, but it starts with you. You go first, and the universe will go further. So, what’s your intention for the 2018 lightyear? Decide below, and ready your jetpacks—we’re doing this thing, together. 

Be the light

Without out all my darkness, I wouldn’t understand my calling to the light. Where shadows linger, I’ll shine my inner light brighter than any sun or star that’s ever existed. You might want to put on your shades for this. Good will win out, it always does. This year is going to be lit. 


Be courageous

Eat my stardust. I’m taking all the chances and all the risks, because fear has no home here. No, not anymore. So go ahead and keep your safety nets, and watch me accomplish everything the world never thought possible. My time is now. 


Guide others

Alone we go faster, together we go further. I believe we rise by lifting others and am going all in on helping my fellow humans. My heart, my energy, and my support is going out to those who could use a friend. I’ll be that North Star, I’ll guide you home. 


Explore new worlds

There’s no map where I’m going. I’m off to explore the outer limits of my very being. How far can I stretch my mind, my body, and my world? We’re about to find out. How far can saying “yes” to new experiences take me? Maybe to an entirely new galaxy. Bring it, universe—I’m coming for you. 


Reinvent yourself

Stand back as I shed my old skin, my long-time fears, my broken ways. I’m evolving into a new mindset and you might not recognize me when I am done. Not a single soul on this planet can stop me from becoming the hands-down best version of me. 


Adjust your focus

My intention is laser-focused on actualizing my vision and making my dreams a reality. Don’t even try to deter me from getting  sh*t done on my own terms. I’m ditching the distractions and am ready to make waves. This is the year of tunnel vision dedication. Ya, feel me?