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“Nothing changes unless you change it.”

This was a phrase my psychologist told me to repeat to myself on days I felt like I was trudging through quicksand. On days I felt helpless and not in control of my own life, I’d ride my bike around the neighborhood and repeat this phrase to myself until I felt it in my bones. It became my mantra.

It’s not about looking at a glass and seeing that it’s half empty or half full, it’s about realizing you have the power to make that glass overflow until its’ contents are spilling out all over and nourishing your one-of-a-kind, beautiful soul.

So many humans feel trapped by the very life they created. Unhappy with—their job, their schedule, their pay, their obligations, where they live, how they live, who they love, how they are loved in return. I’m totally guilty of this mindset from time to time. Guess what? Those limits are 100% fake. You made them up in moments of fear or self-doubt, when you didn’t believe in your ability to build every single aspect of your life the way you want it.

Friend, push those limits aside. When you feel yourself getting weighed down by the routine of your life, take a closer look and change what doesn’t serve you. You have one life. Are you living it or just passing through? When you hear yourself complaining on repeat, take a second to step back and realize that the only one who can change your reality is you. Are you going to stand idly by or make a move?

Humans have travelled to the moon, have built civilizations, and are thriving in a world of technology. We can accomplish so much. Humans like you are out there taking life by the horns and coming out on top every single day. When you stop seeing all the roadblocks and start seeing all of the paths you can take to change your life, the journey becomes more epic than you could have every imagined.

Be the human with a soul made of fire and a heart made of gold. Give your all in the name of your own happiness and kick fear to the curb. See what you can make happen when you take action.

You are capable. You are strong. You are limitless.


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