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You humans really rocked this past month in the name of eating disorder awareness. The response we had to the launch of our “Love Every Body” campaign and our partnership to with Project HEAL to help them further their mission was out of this world and we are incredibly humbled.

Just another example of how powerful we can be when we come together for causes bigger than ourselves and use our voices for good. Thank you all so much. Also, for those of you who have been asking—we do plan on restocking the Love Every Body tee in the future.

Huge thanks to the Project HEAL team who collaborated with us throughout the month and to Liana (Co-Founder) who took over the OH Instagram to share her personal eating disorder recovery journey and how Project HEAL came to be. They’re an amazing couple of women who have grown a nonprofit that offers prevention, treatment financing, and recovery support for humans suffering from eating disorders. 10% off all Only Human profits from this past month will be donated to them to further the critical work they are doing in making humanity stronger.

Also, several humans in our community were brave enough to share their own stories of eating disorder struggles and recovery and we hope that these stories shared serves as springboards of inspiration to anyone and everyone who feels challenged in life. You can win. You can overcome. If you haven’t read them, hop over to our stories and spend some time there.

Last but not least, big thanks to our friends Karli + Emily Buckley who shared their love story and reminded us that love is for everyone. So awesome to have them sharing their hearts with the world. 

You are worthy, regardless of the challenges that you may currently feel imprisoned by. You are strong and courageous, you are beautiful inside and out. We believe in you.

Your support means the absolute world to us. We love you and hope you won’t forget to make it a practice to love every body (including yourself).

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