What do I believe in….. It’s something I’ve been asking myself these past few days and it’s the hardest question I could ever answer. Because I once believed that through the power of Love everything and anything is possible and if you showed enough love and spread enough love that your can live a very happy healthy life. A lot is going on around me and this question plays a big role; so here is what I believe. I believe that if you reach out in the name of love and you are genuine about the love you give that you can make a difference in someone else’s life. If someone comes to you for help, advice, or simply just needs a hug or a cheerful statement and you do so in the name of love than you are fulfilling your purpose in life. We were all put on this earth in the name of love and we should live our lives loving others genuinely and with all that we have. Love is such a small but powerful word but so is its nemesis Hate, I Believe Love will always Conquer Hate. I will always stand by that til the day I expire because I don’t believe we die I believe our bodies expire but our souls live on. So every morning when you wake up face the day ahead with Love in your heart and with Love as your path. With Love leading all things are possible; so let love guide you in the right path and let love lead the way.

With Lots of Love and Respect this is what I believe and I hope you all believe in the same I love you all with all that I have and all that I am your friend and fellow advocate for life, Lumilda Ruiz.