Make It To 2019

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?Vulnerable Confession?

I’m thinking about all the amazing shit that has gone down this last year and It makes my heart smile. Still, there’s something being pulled to the surface by an undercurrent and it needs to be seen in plain daylight. With all the messages I’m seeing on social about driving safe tonight, I’ve gotta share my secret story. A story wrapped in shame and layered with guilt. A story that could have ended my life.

About a decade ago, I was leaving a work party. I had quite a few drinks throughout the night but made myself and friends believe I was alright. The truth is, I made it out to my car in the parking garage in the wee hours of the morning and passed the F out in the driver’s seat. I was a goner.

Here’s where I get really stupid. An hour or so later, I woke up and thought maybe I had “slept it off.” So, I put the key in the ignition and I drove. I drove without my headlights on. I drove next to families and babies and humans who had no idea I was under the influence. I drove around endangering the lives of innocent humans. And here’s my favorite part: I was pulled over, arrested, and got a DUI. This is my favorite part because it could have been the thing that saved my life and others. I was humiliated and embarrassed. I was so ashamed that there are only a handful of humans in my life that know this dark secret of mine – until now.

But, I’m telling you this because I hope you learn from my lesson as I have. Had I hurt myself or another human, I would have never recovered. Ever. I wouldn’t be here today, thinking back on the best year of my life with joy and gratitude. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have a family I love with all my heart, or to teach my tiny human how to walk. 

So, yeah, celebrate your ass off tonight – you deserve it. But don’t drink and drive. Don’t be that human. Make it to 2019. ?

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