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March was one of our most incredible yet, for some many reasons. Our community continues to grow, and as it does, we are able to unite even more good humans in an effort to shine a lot on different causes that better humanity. 

Point blank, the violence in our local communities, around the world, and even the violence we show ourselves in our hard times needs to come to and end. 

When we partnered with La Frontera Empact (a nonprofit offering 100% free mental health services) to help them with their annual Take Back The Night event (focused on eradicating violence from communities and supporting violence survivors), we didn’t realize how relevant their work truly is to the world we live in. 

A major tragedy comes to mind—the Parkland shooting on 2.14, but since then, there’ve been countless acts of violence. The Maryland school shooting, the bombs in Austin…the list is never-ending, and it’s sad. But, what if rather than dwelling on the sadness, we inspired more humans to live their best lives? Would the happiness rule out and the violence decrease? We think so. 

Tips on living your best life from OH Advocate, Peyton: 

“Be strong, but not heartless
Be kind, but not feeble

Be optimistic, but not delusional
Be trusting, but not gullible
Be brave, but not idiotic
Be in love, but not dependent
Be me and not let anyone tell me what that is except myself.”

Thanks to the many humans who supported this month’s anti-violence campaign and committed to living their best life in the name of peace. 

So, live your best lives, humans. You only get one. 

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