March 2018 Advocates: Take Back The Night

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We are grateful to launch our cause for March, which is timely in so many ways. This month, we’re focusing on coming together to empower victims of violence. So many of us humans have been on the receiving end of violence or assault. The school shootings, the hate crimes…it’s all just too much. 

Check out more of our thoughts and why we feel it’s important to speak our truths regarding violence. 10% of all profits this month will go to La Frontera Empact, a nonprofit that provides 100% free mental health counseling services and puts on an annual Take Back The Night event that empowers victims of violence and works to unite communities.

Help us spread the word and empower victims of violence (any kind). If you have a personal story about overcoming violence, we urge you to submit it here if you’re at a point where you feel okay to share. 

Hashtags to use: #OHEndViolence #OHLYBL #OHLiveYourBestLife

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