Me Vs. Me

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For years, I battled myself and lost every single time. I let the negative part of me rule my world. I listened to everything within myself that whispered “no” and ignored the tiny voice of courage that pleaded me to just go with “yes.” I battled myself day in and day out and the side of me that’s fueled by negativity and fears came up as the reigning champ.

But, I learned from those self-powered failures and grew that tiny voice of courage inside my head until I unleashed it into the world with an ear-piercing scream. I dragged myself through my own personal hell and back because I knew deep down this was not the way I was going to go out. The story I told myself about being unloved, unwanted, and unnecessary was really just a pack of lies.

I am loved. I am wanted. I am needed. And so are you.

I’ve seen the quiet souls, the broken ones…the humans that struggle. I’ve been that human, that girl, that lost soul—and I know that those fires of pain can sear us to our cores. I know the hurt you’re feeling, because I’ve been there too. Here’s the magical thing though, I’ve also learned how to grow my inner strength into something I’ve never thought possible. I’ve shed my skin, my long-time fears, and all the parts of me that didn’t allow for growth. As humans, we are meant to change, evolve, and outgrow the older versions of ourselves.

The way I see it there’s only one way—up. That’s where I’m headed, yep, all the way to that top of the peak. If you’re ready to battle yourself and win, well now’s your time. You’re the only one who can do it, if you start training now.

Start with your body, move to your mind, and make yourself everything you’ve always wanted to be. I guarantee you, if you set your mind to it—you will battle yourself, and you will win.

And me? I’ll be here cheering you on all the way.

<3 Crissy

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