Spending More Time On Me

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Humans live in a reactive state. We work on stuff until someone else knocks, and then we react to what they need. It’s single handily caused anxiety in my life. Or it did. For years. So how did I kick the habit you ask?

I made a new one.

I blocked out time for me. No, not me and my phone. Not me and my computer. Nope, just time for me to think. To use my noggin. To organize my thoughts. To process. To consume my task list.

We spend so much time on things that don’t matter. We spend and spend and spend until we’re overspent and then we crash. So instead of spending more time organizing my calendar to fit in everyone else’s needs, I started organizing everyone else’s needs around my own.

How we spend our time influences our future. I know, I know, that’s common sense, right? You’d be surprised at how many humans I talk to who spend more time doing things that won’t get them any closer to their goals.

Want a better body? Spend time in the gym.
Want to be better at taking pictures? Spend time seeing the world through one eye.
Want to be a better partner? Spend more time listening.
Want to become the next badminton champion of the world? Learn to play badminton.

Stop making time for everyone else’s dreams and make time for your own.

To the moon and back, humans.
❤️ Bree