My coming out story

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I knew from a pretty young age that I wasn’t straight, but of course at first you don’t really think much of it, especially when you’re so young. So when I realized that I’m bisexual, I read stories from other queer people on the internet and there were so many bad ones. So I was afraid to tell anyone even though I knew that my parents would be fine with it. It took me a few years until I had the courage to come out and when I did I only received love and support from family and friends, which was great and I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction. I wasn’t too open about it anywhere else though because I knew many people are as*holes but at some point a girl from school found out and spread the news, so a lot of people from my school found out and asked me about it. Let’s just say not everyone was nice about it but it just helped me to be even prouder of myself and I now embrace my sexuality as much as I can.