I’ve always felt different just being me period. What made me have that feeling of being different or disconnected from everyone was things I went through that no one wanted to understand or couldn’t. I was born with a narrow trachea and was on The Children’s Miracle Network at 8 months old for a very intense surgery ,especially for a baby, but I pulled through. I had two back surgeries because I was also born with scoliosis. So, as a result of those surgeries, I have huge scars that on my front and back. Those made me feel like the ugly duckling because girls would look at me weird and make me feel gross about it. I would hide my scars through my school years. Clothes I loved I wouldn’t dare grab because I felt so self conscious. I wasn’t good enough for that certain dress or top. I am also 4’8” and was picked on for that because I had always been shortest. I made some great friends, but those ones pointing and laughing made that difference of how I felt. Besides all that, my thought process has always been about peace and love and I always wondered why not many people responded well to the kindness I tried to give. Now in my adult/motherhood, I am free and happy. I don’t care what people think about me. I say how I feel and speak up for those who can’t—because no matter who you are, no one deserves to be treated like they are not as human as the next person. For that, I am so in love with this company for the diversity and love that is shared.