My Penguin

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The story goes as true when a penguin finds their mate they hand them a pebble. They walk along the beach searching for the perfect pebble to make their soon to be mate the absolute happiest. Finding that pebble can be hard and challenging. Some look right but are buried in the sand, but once picked up a chunk is missing, its not the perfect texture, or its simply not the right one. Isn’t this true in comparison to life—its not always a walk on the beach and the pebble wont just be staring right at you. You have to some days walk further, you have to dig a little deeper. Sometimes it may feel right, but when the moment is true you know. My moment wasn’t when my life was all together and certainly wasn’t when I was looking to find it. One day someone, some girl, an AMAZING girl, took that chance on me and in that moment I found my penguin who one day deserves the most perfect stone.


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