I hear about the LGBTQ community getting harassed but you would never think it would happen to you. One night my wife and I were leaving a club with our friends, this one guy wouldn’t stop hitting on my wife and I told him to stop. I told him that she’s married and she’s with me; even she tried to tell him to stop. He kept asking us “what man broke your heart?”, “you seem so bitter, you just need a man,”  and “I can give you what she can’t.” His friends left him and he just wouldn’t stop harassing us until one of our friends came to tell him to back off.

In the south you can’t avoid it, because a lot of people don’t believe in same sex couples/marriages. It’s sucks to be in an environment where you’re not accepted, especially when you’re trying to be out and proud. We try to not let that discourage us, that makes us stronger. Because people need to know not all lesbians or anyone from the LGBTQ spectrum like to be hit on, especially if it’s basically being harassed. In this era, especially the Trump era, it’s not that easy being a lesbian, queer, gay, transgender, etc. It’s amazing to have such a loving community who hears you and loves you.

We didn’t go out for like two weekends straight just because we didn’t want to get harassed because it kept getting worse and worse. Until a friend brought us out of our funk and took us to see a drag show and showed us that we shouldn’t let anyone keep us from staying inside, staying in the closet lol. Instead we go out, hold hands, and make sure everyone knows we’re proud of being apart of this amazing community.

Story submitted by Jay

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