2017 New Year’s Resolutions

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I could sit here and make a list of resolutions that realistically, I’ll fail to complete (again). Typically about a month in, my resolutions are put to rest in the resolution graveyard where all of our dreams of writing in a journal every day go to die.

Instead of resolving to lose weight or get out of debt, this year I aim to see my life through a new lens. I want to view all the decisions I make through a different filter that will help shape me into a more well-rounded and whole individual. I seek growth in larger ways than any checklist can define for me, so instead of checking off items, I’m going to make decisions based on the answer to these 4 questions:

  • Am I hustling as hard as I can to achieve this?
  • How will this experience help me grow?
  • How can I remain open and vulnerable through this?
  • Does this align with who I am as a human and the morals that I live by?


new year's resolutions


Not only will I be able to focus on my daily, weekly, and monthly goals without the fear of failing a resolution. I can aim to grow in ways that build a lifestyle, and not a short-lived habit.

Join me this year in discovering what it takes to hustle harder, experience more, be vulnerable, and remain authentic.

Stay tuned, I’ll be diving in deeper and talking about how I’ve used these questions to evolve.


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