OH, Ship.

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Mail. Stamps. Labels. Zip codes. Post Offices and Packages. It all seems so simple when you’re sitting at your computer making a purchase with a few clicks of the mouse.

Get Pumped, your order is on its way.
And then you wait…OH the suspense!

When Only Human started getting off the ground and Bree moved out of her apartment to hit the road and OH needed a home base to continue shipping from. The beaches of Pensacola and my third story, one bedroom apartment, seemed like the perfect place for it! I was SO excited to help in any way that I could.

In the beginning, I had two boxes in my apartment filled with the first round of OH gear, a label printer, and a brand-new Mac Book that seemed more like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie than a computer to my non-techie self.  I had a small end table next to the couch that suddenly had a new identity; it was now the Only Human shipping headquarters desk. I (of course) sat on the floor cross-legged, surrounded by everything that I needed. I WAS READY.

The first ten orders came. I folded each shirt meticulously. I printed the labels. I laid out the bags. I set them on top of one another in the most organized way. I was so proud it was actually happening, Only Human was going somewhere.

Ten orders quickly turned into hundreds, two boxes multiplied into 20, and three flights of stairs turned into a mountain that I trekked daily, carrying garbage bags and laundry baskets of orders up and down. Sleep became irrelevant when 30 mins of filling a few orders turned into 3-4 hrs. Space became limited in my one bedroom apartment so I sold my couch. The strangers at the post office quickly became friends and order numbers became a real person spreading a message.

I can honestly say that the hours I spent separating, folding, printing and bagging your orders were some of the most humbling hours in my life. They opened my eyes to the struggles and celebrations small business across the world face every day in order to accomplish their goals. I was in awe of the time, organization, and love that I found with each shipment. I became more and more grateful for this amazing movement that I’ve been blessed to be a part of.

Above all, I was honored. Honored to be the one sealing the packages and sending them around the world to the humans on this planet that believe WE are capable of a kinder tomorrow. Humans that WANT equality and compassion for everyone. Humans that are committed to CHANGE. How could you not be proud to put your hands on that?

The past week without doing shipping has been a transition for me. The house feels a little empty without all the boxes, a little quieter without the printer running, and a little sad, now that my little blue chair sits tucked in under the desk.

So, from the moment you receive your “get pumped” email to the time your package arrives, please know how much time and love was taken to get it there. I wish you could see what happens in the moments between the clicks of your mouse and wearing your new gear.

I am so happy this movement is growing, I am excited for Brian, his new space, and the opportunity OH shipping will bring to him.

Even though this role for me has ended, I can’t wait for the next one that’s coming with Only Human! I will miss this because, honestly, I think I had the best view in the house to watch this grow…from that little blue chair…

With all the love, Humans, I am forever grateful.

-Beck ❤