Growing up wasn’t very easy for me. Knowing that I am gay at a young age and having to hide it because it wasn’t “right” was very hard for me but I did it because of society! From 6th grade to 11th grade I was a star athlete in basketball and track. My senior year in high school, I decided to come out to some of my friends, dated my first girl and everything was going smoothly. Until.. basketball tryouts. I had it in the bag but little did I know..the girls trying out had other plans for me. I got cut my senior year because I AM GAY! They didn’t want me dressing out in the same locker as them, showering in the same showers as them. They felt disgusted!

While I felt unacceptable for who I am! I would rather walk a 1,000 miles in my own shoes than 1 step in theirs. I am who I am and I’m not ashamed of it. I will stand up for what’s right and think nothing of it. Love is love and we all deserve to be loved! After high school, I went into college and graduated and met the girl who I love ever so much! I have struggled between being a lesbian or transgender!!! But with a line so thin between those two..I developed a stage of I AM WHO I AM, and that’s just HUMAN!! Life can throw you curve balls for sure, but you just have to learn to catch em and take life as you’re! Whether it be Gay. Straight. Trans. Bi. Black. White. Purple. an alien even! You’re human, and you deserve to be treated with the same EQUALITY as those that sometimes may judge you. Life is beautiful and so ARE YOU!!!

Story Submitted By Tish