5 Things One Tree Hill Taught Us

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You might read this post and laugh, but for anyone who really understood the bigger message behind One Tree Hill, I think you can take a minute and appreciate one important thing that it taught us in our youth.

1. Time is sneaky // one day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then, quietly, without you really ever noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And then this is your life.

2. You don’t know what someone else is going though // Jimmy Edwards, felt so left behind. You truly do not know how your actions can affect others, or what is actually going on in their minds, until it’s too late.

3. High school is only four years // from bullying to fighting for women’s rights, we learned that high school is truly only a small piece of the puzzle.

4. People will always judge you, embrace who you are // no matter if you’re Brooke Davis or Jimmy Edwards, you’re going to be judged. Accept that you don’t have to fit anyone else’s mold.

5. Always tell people how you feel // people wait too long to tell people how they feel or what they want. Say things before it’s too late.

Make sure you have friends like Lucas had at the River Court, love unconditionally like Brooke Davis would, be the best person you can be like Nathan was, deal with pain and life the way Peyton did (just don’t run any red lights in the process), and always follow your dreams the way Haley did.

To the moon and back, humans.
♥️ Bree