My Past Didn’t Dictate My Future

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At 15yo I tried to commit suicide.

I thought ODing on pain meds would stop the hurt I had. My parents divorce had such a negative impact on my I didn’t really know where to turn. I felt alone. When I came out to my mom I was technically shunned. She sent me away to live with me dad and when that didn’t workout I found myself living in my car, staying nights with friends and showering in the bathroom where I worked at sonic drive in. I was 16yo and literally felt like my world had come to an end.

Though I was 16 yo and felt alone I managed to graduate high school early and was a college freshman at this young age. My intellectual advancement didn’t help me make smarter choices however. I started using drugs at 17yo and by 18yo I was arrested with a DUI and charged with drug possession. Spending 4 days in jail was my wake up call. I cleaned up my act. I got sober, stopped using drugs cold turkey and focused on my school work. The stress of school work, my family, and accepting who I was was very overwhelming and I turned to self mutilation during college. Thankfully my best friend during that time, who is now my fiancé,helped me through that awful addiction.

By 21yo I graduated college with a bachelors of science in nursing and thankfully met my wonderful fiancé while in school. Though my relationship with my family never healed after coming out I built a great family with my fiancé and her family. Last year I got certified as a personal fitness trainer and hope to continue to grow in the field. My goal in life is to impact others and help people reach their goals. I don’t believe our lives are solely about us but more importantly about the lives of others. I didn’t let my past dictate my future and I want others to know they don’t have to either!

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