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Striving For Perfection

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I was never great at anything my whole life.

Learning one specific thing, wasn’t my thing. I had too many questions and too many answers that lead to something else more exciting to learn and ask questions about. Yet, all I thought was, I need to go to college and get a degree so I can have a 9-5 and be “successful”.

I played softball, but I wasn’t a champion.
I rode horses, but I wasn’t “jockey” material.
I went to school, but I wasn’t on the dean’s list…or the honor list…or the graduation list.

Sunny Bayne

I had so many ideas but couldn’t manage to see them through. I was striving to be the best at something and falling short each time, and getting a little more beat down with every “failure”.

Striving for perfection can hinder you from being great at anything. Just because you have good intensions, doesn’t mean that everything is going to go your way. You can’t sit back and expect greatness to come knocking at your door and hand you everything you ever wanted. If you see someone that’s successful and doing great things, I can almost guarantee that they’ve been working very hard for a very long time, even if they weren’t public about it. People don’t just wake up to greatness, they work their asses off for it, only to realize that greatness never ends. There is no conclusion. You are constantly striving to be great, because your definition will change as you evolve.

But if you’re staring longingly at someone else’s life, you might as well start digging a hole right now, right where you’re sitting. Focusing all of your energy on what Tammy is doing with her new business on Facebook isn’t going to get you any closer to where you want to be. You’ll just dig that jealous hole a little deeper, and after awhile the sunlight you once loved will be all but forgotten.

Quit making yourself small for other people. Don’t do it for your friends, or your coworkers, not even even for your family. It’s okay to want what ever it is that pretty little heart of yours desires, but tuning out on your own feelings, and tuning into everyone else’s isn’t the answer.

Do yourself a favor and ask, If I was going to die in three months, would I be living the way that I am now?

Would you tell someone you love them?
Would you actually do what you want to do?

Chances are, you can make money doing what ever it is that your heart desires. You just have to believe it.

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