Pick Up The Sticks

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Imagine your life as a box of toothpicks. Sometimes it may feel like someone tosses that box in the air and all the pieces of your life scatter beneath you. Picking them up might feel tedious, some may poke you, and others may have landed perfectly together and can be swooped with minimal effort. The thing is, it’s still your life. No matter where the pieces land, they are all yours. You can stare at them and come up with all reasons not to pick them up, you could be angry with the person who tossed them, or you can accept that life is messy and pieces get scattered and it takes our effort to put them all back in order. Your conscious effort.

If you keep expecting life to be perfectly kept, then life will keep you exactly where you are and no progress will be made.

Pick up the sticks.

? Bree Pear

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