Look On The Bright Side

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We had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with an insanely talented graphic designer on our first-ever round of custom-illustrated Only Human posters. Rachel Noyes, is not only an extremely gifted artist, but she’s a wonderful human with a big heart.

A bit about the artistic human behind the poster series…

As a child with a learning disability, artistic expression helped me communicate when I didn’t know how. It also helped me to feel valued when I was constantly being told I would never be able to make it in a “regular” learning environment. Instead of viewing myself as someone lesser than others—I was able to gain confidence in communicating visually, which is why as an adult organizations such as Free Arts Arizona (and others like it all over the country) have always been near and dear to my heart. Programs offered by organizations that support children that suffer through things like abuse and homelessness through art therapy strike a very personal chord with me.

To me, Only Human means so much. It means being the best you can be and doing all you can to help others while still recognizing that you don’t have to be perfect.

If I had the opportunity to solve one problem on behalf of humanity, I would make sure everyone had free access to all the education they want. There are so many brilliant and inspiring people in the world that our school systems and overpriced collage educations have left in the dark. We can’t make it alone; we need everyone working together contributing ideas to truly fix all of the problems we have in our society.

When people see the posters I’ve designed in collaboration with Only Human, I want them to feel empowered—like they can truly achieve anything because sometimes we all need a little reminder.

Above all else I want to be remembered as someone who is constantly looking on the bright side. There is so much negativity in the world and it can be so hard to tune it out and you can drive yourself mad trying to solve all of it. So I figure if I can just approach every situation with a little bit of love and a little bit of thoughtfulness I won’t change the world, but hopefully can make it a little brighter.

Fun fact: I, of course, believe in aliens…how vain and self-important would we be as humans if we thought we were alone in the vast universe!

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