Pride Month Rocked.

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Humans, you are nothing short of amazing. When we commit each month to give back and help humanity move forward, the response to our campaign focus is never certain. In June, the incredible outpour of support in the name of equality for ALL humans was unbelievable and goes to show that it’s a cause that deserves never-ending support and recognition.

Huge thanks to any and all humans who:
  1. Saw us at a Pride Festival in their city and were brave enough to say hi, take a photo, or grab some swag.
  2. Helped us share the message of equality on social throughout the month.
  3. Made a purchase through our shop and helped financially support GLSEN, a nonprofit working to make k-12 schools safe and accepting for all types of humans.
  4. Practiced treating all humans as equals in their daily lives
  5. Celebrated their identities

We hit up the Pride Festivals in Salt Lake City, Denver, and Houston in June and had the time of our lives meeting some incredible humans. You all are the real MVPs, though. We are forever grateful for your support month after month. We’re excited for the next few months of good we have planned out.

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