Putting My Shame to Shame

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Last year I attended my first Pride ever. I had known I liked women since I was 14 and it took me over a decade to finally attend any event that related to the celebration of that fact. Why? Because I had spent that entire time shaming myself. My religious upbringing certainly didn’t help and when I finally came out to my mother she cried and told me I was “choosing” a hard life. I spent years feeling ripped apart between the Church and my own happiness. I remember I used to cry and say “if it was a choice don’t you think I’d choose to be straight?” And I meant it. But this year I realized, you know what. I wouldn’t choose that at all. Because I would never choose to be anything but my true authentic self. And that self, is a rainbow flag waiving lesbian. As far as my religious conflicts, I suppose one day if I am questioned by God about my lifestyle, I will simply repeat the words of the great Bette Porter. I will tell Him I am His Creation and I am proud.

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