Rise Above

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“You are not the daughter I raised.”

“You deserve to die.”

“What did I do wrong as a parent?”

…were some of the things my dad said to me when I finally decided to come out and free myself. How can someone that is suppose to love you no matter what, hate me so much that he wished I was dead? Who knew simple words could have such a drastic impact over the course of my lifetime so far.

I didn’t know how to understand and accept the feelings that I was feeling. At a young age I always thought okay you grow up, get married to a guy and have children and then live that American dream. But my American dream was to be happy, and that included me accepting myself for who I am and also following my heart.

It has not been an easy ride at all. Suicide, drinking to numb the pain, just finding anything to make me feel normal so my dad will love me again. All it took were 3 words from my mom to send me on the right track, going in the right direction. “You are loved”